By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Valentine’s Day baby names are all about the love shared between parent and child. With their definitions ranging from “beloved” to “wholehearted,” they are undoubtedly bursting with affection. But not only is the definition something to be prized about these names, their origins reach the furthest corners of the Earth! From Ireland to Australia and Japan to Wales and everywhere in between, cultures have sought out ways to celebrate their everlasting love via their names for centuries. Give baby a Valentine’s Day baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name for a life full of love.

Loving Baby Boy Names for Valentine’s Day

The love shared throughout your family is an undeniably special thing, but for your little boy to be introduced to your family on a day hallmarked as the day of love is doubly special! Though Valentine’s Day is only once a year, you can help baby carry this affection with him daily with a loving baby boy name commemorating the holiday.

Loving Baby Girl Names for Valentine’s Day

Plenty of people imagine pinks and reds and hearts and flowers when it comes to both Valentine’s Day and little girls. But the fact of the matter is that little girls, like the holiday, can take on so many different mantles! So whether it is actually the chocolates you want on a day like this or maybe it’s a trip to a paintball arena, these names are about embracing the love you have for your little girl—no matter who she becomes!

Valentine's Day Baby Names That Mean "Love"

These names celebrate the fact that when there’s love in your life and your heart, you can do or be anything you want—and what better present to give them than that? A Valentine’s Day baby name that means “love” will help keep these reminders at the forefront of the mind all throughout your little one’s life.

Valentine's Day Baby Names That Mean "Heart"

Second probably only to the word “love,” “heart” epitomizes the Valentine’s Day holiday spirit better than any. By choosing a name that means “heart,” you’re encouraging baby to remember their grit, integrity, and compassion at all times. Commemorate this loving holiday and vital lesson every day with a Valentine’s Day baby name that means “heart.”

Valentine's Day Baby Names That Mean "Handsome"

You already know your little man is going to be a looker, so why not choose a baby name to highlight his natural charm? A Valentine’s Day baby name meaning “handsome” is a powerful name that exudes charisma and captures his heritage all in one go.

Valentine's Day Baby Names That Mean "Beauty"

Finding beauty in the world is finding love in everything, and what pursuit has more of the Valentine’s spirit than that? From their baby hairs to the pudgy wrists and gummy smiles, baby is going to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen! By choosing a Valentine’s Day baby name meaning “beauty,” you’ll be choosing a darling name to highlight baby’s irresistibility—inside and out!
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