Other Origin(s):British, French, Hawaiian, Scottish
Meaning:Son of Kyle; Narrow strait; Ocean; Son of the water; Fiery spirit
Kyson is a masculine name of American origin with roots all over the world. One of its potential translations is “son of Kyle,” a unique way to connect baby to a family member from the past or present. Ky also comes from the Scottish name Caol and the Hawaiian name Ky, both of which are connected to the water. Whether it’s the Scottish “narrow strait” or Hawaiian “ocean” that you prefer, the name Kyson is sure to make baby truly feel like a “son of the water.” If your bundle of joy has more of a heated spirit, Kyson can also come from the French name Tyson, which translates to “fiery spirit.” No matter what element your bundle of joy feels more at home with, the name Kyson is sure to help them feel the connection they need.
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