Updated May 26, 2022

If the Aloha State’s culture calls you for baby’s name, look no further! Hawaiian baby girl and boy names come in a darling range. They represent the culture and way of life you are undoubtedly looking to share with baby and provide a unique name for the playground, too!

Hawaiian baby girl names like Alohalani take the famous root word of “aloha,” which can mean “hello,” “welcome,” “goodbye,” and “love.” When one word can do so much, imagine what can happen when it’s adjoining other beautiful words from the Hawaiian language. Hawaiian baby names impart life lessons and reminders that every parent wants their baby to keep close. Ehehene will remind baby to laugh and find joy every day of their life, a lesson we could all learn to implement daily.

Akamu is a name that will keep baby grounded no matter what shape their life ends up taking. Hawaiian baby boy names serve a purpose. They take small—but essential—reminders and instill core values from them. To remind baby they’re alive and to appreciate the wonders around them is the breath of fresh air everyone could use from their name.

Implementing a way of life and its values is a difficult task for any person, let alone teaching someone else these lessons! But by choosing a name from your Hawaiian heritage for baby, you’re subtly guiding them in the right direction every day.

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