Updated June 26, 2022

How many times have you fallen in love with a story or a name or even just a photo and then found out it has Celtic origins? That is the tale as old as time as far as we’re concerned. Celtic influence can be found all throughout the world — with good reason — so why not let that influence help you choose a name for baby? These Celtic baby names transport you to a different time and place and we couldn’t love them more for it.

Celtic baby names are perfect for a one-stop-shop on all the fantasy elements you love because they combine several regions’ histories into one. The term Celtic refers to the languages and cultures of the Celtic nations which are known as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany. But though this term encompasses many different nations, they each have something special to add to the Celtic Baby Names list.

Celtic names for boys like Angus and Dougal are perfect for the strapping young lad you’re sure to have. Alternatively, Arlynn and Betha are lovely Celtic names for the strong, lovely lass you’ll be raising. These names have it all and are enriched with so much history to boot.

Celtic baby boy and Celtic baby girl names have a beautiful and whimsical sound when they’re said. They emanate an air of magic and exude charm and elegance. They often have a distinct meaning behind them that sheds some light on its Celtic origins. This compilation of lyrical-sounding names are known for their unusual spellings and unique pronunciation and are sure to stand out in a roll call.

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