When one thinks of France, the images that come to mind are that of romantic locations, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes. There can be little wonder how a country brimming with such beauty has names that are equally alluring. This wonderful European destination has produced some fantastic exports over the years—Champagne, fine wines, and gourmet cheese among them. However, French baby names are also renowned the world over for their beautiful, exotic sounds and authentic meanings. The Bump has created this extensive list of French baby names. Jacqueline, Mallory, and Marcel are among the classic French names you can expect to learn about here.

Thinking of a beautiful French baby girl name for your newborn child? Perhaps you can find out more about the history behind names such as Colette, Chanel, or Amora. The detailed definitions behind many of these names make for fascinating reading, and their clear origins can help guide you towards making the ideal choice. For a conventional option, why not choose Belle, meaning beautiful? Or, for something offbeat but elegant, try Joelle as the name for your treasured little one.

French baby boy names are elegant in both sight and sound. Some are more conventional than others, such as Pierre, Lance, or Antoine. Having been popular for many decades, these names are classics that are sure to stand the test of time. Other French-sounding names that would be ideal for boys include Jacques, Bruce, and Channing. While each of these names have a charming European ring to them, they are not difficult to pronounce, offering sophistication without seeming inaccessible.

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