Updated July 03, 2022

Here at The Bump, we are certain that naming baby is a thrilling time and that Native American cultures deserve to be celebrated, and what better thing to do than combine the two? Luckily for us, though much of these wonderful cultures have been lost, some of the traditions have survived. Naming baby in Native American cultures is incredibly important and comes with a lot of thought. Naming ceremonies take place still today because Native American cultures place a great deal of importance on the names given to their community members. And at The Bump, we also place a great deal of importance on naming baby thoughtfully.

If you are a Native American, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Naming baby is a special time and an important moment in your new life together. Calling upon your Native American heritage or perhaps hoping to have an ancestor live on through baby with Native American names can be a way to make that moment even more special.

Choosing a name like Onida for your new Native American girl could be a beautiful way to pay tribute to how long you’ve waited for baby to arrive. Or maybe if you have a specific love for the region or even the sound of it, Tennessee could be the perfect choice when looking for Native American boy names.

Native American names are beautiful and rich in culture and we think this list — while adding a lot of new favorites to the mix — can help you find a name fit for baby that’s abundant in ties to your heritage.

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