Updated May 22, 2022

If you have Nigerian heritage, you probably know that each ethnic group in Nigeria has varying traditional naming practices. The Yoruba tend to give names based on circumstance, like Taiwo for the first born in a set of twins, and Kehinde for the second born. Among the Igbo and Yoruba, names that begin or end with Chi, Chukwu or Oluwa, like the name Chinara, reference God.

Choosing from Nigerian baby names and their meanings can help you find a name that’s meaningful for your family. Check out our list of Nigerian baby names for baby boys and baby girls below. Honor your roots and your family history with these popular Nigerian baby names. Ready to look for Nigerian baby names for girls? Search our list below for popular choices like Sade, Dola and Abebi. Looking for Nigerian baby names for your baby boy? Consider options like Ekon, which means strong, and Obi, which means heart.