Updated May 26, 2022

Congratulations! With baby on the way, picking a name can be as difficult as it is exciting. You’re super busy preparing for all of the other practical needs to make baby’s arrival smooth sailing, but you still want to dive deep on the best name for baby. But picking a name for baby doesn’t have to be hard. Danish baby girl and baby boy names are dazzling and meaningful.

The traditions of Denmark carry on through these names and can be used as a subtle but meaningful way to pay tribute to the land and culture you love. Danish baby names like Soren and Marieke are unique and fun to say and have been made popular in various books and movies, too.

For an even more unique twist, a parent can use any number of these names for an easy gender neutral solution. Beautiful names like Skylor can fit this mold, but in reality, not even the sky is the limit with this selection of Danish baby names.