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Updated June 14, 2024

Felicidades on the wonderful news; there’s a baby on the way! Picking a name for your brand new bundle of joy can be one of the first things you do as a parent and it’s a very important choice you’re making for baby. We understand this task can be stressful on parents so we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous Spanish baby girl names and Spanish baby boy names to make that search a little easier!

Spanish Baby Boy Names

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If classic literature makes your heart sing or you are simply looking for a way to have your heritage live on, these Spanish baby boy names have you covered. Ticking the boxes of musical and literature influence, from Manuel to Dante to Alejandro, can be done in a flash. They have a lilt to them that’s simply fun to say as well as carrying your family’s legacy.

Spanish Baby Girl Names

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Have you ever felt motivated by the way of life in Spain? The lively culture, the wonderful food, and the beautiful sites are enough to make anyone feel at home. But what really sparks a fire has to be the people. Spanish girl names inspired by the people and culture you love can never lead you astray. With tons of names depicting serene imagery or giving you and baby a sense of hope, Spanish girl names will have your heart singing in no time.

Popular Spanish Baby Names

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Tradition is hugely important in Spanish culture, which means that year over year, some names continue gaining popularity. Popular Spanish baby names can include a wide range of names. Names that mean light, hope, or are imbued with faith are popular Spanish names for a reason. They’re beautiful and meaningful enough that it’s no wonder they’re popular!

Unique Spanish Baby Names

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Each baby is one of a kind. They come with personalities and a brand new mix of attributes. Picking a name to suit a brand new soul can be difficult, but by narrowing the choices down to unique names that decision will be all the easier.

Cute Spanish Baby Names

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If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that baby is cute as a button. Agreeing on a name, however, is a little harder. But, if you’re able to put those ideas together and mix it with the heritage you’re hoping to carry on, you can wind up with cute Spanish baby names! Coming from a language that refers to cute grandmas as abuelitas can only mean that they are more than ready to give you cute Spanish names.

Cool Spanish Baby Names

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Being cool throughout life is hard to do when you don’t have a name that matches your personality. But by picking a cool Spanish baby name right from the start will have baby rockin’ shades and leather jackets like they were born to do it.
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