In Spain, family is everything. With that, the process of naming is incredibly important. Names are an opportunity to pay homage to your ancestry, your culture, and your loved ones. With a selection of names that range from modern day all the way back to your favorites from the 15th century.

Giving baby ties to his heritage is important and can be difficult to manage if you also are hoping to give them a totally unique experience. Luckily though, Spanish baby boy names have been tried and tested and come out with plentiful variations that make the heart swoon. Santiago, Luis, and Xavier are gorgeous examples of the traditional names that still carry the Spanish banner proudly. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, more unique names like Socorro and Arlando are excellent representatives of the vibrant Spanish culture you hope to impart on baby. Baby will know exactly what culture to lean on and where they came from with a Spanish baby boy name to remind them daily.

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