Updated May 08, 2022

Congratulations! Having a baby is an unbelievably exciting time and picking a name for them is exciting, too! However, sometimes it’s a stressful kind of excitement. But honoring your culture with Korean baby girl and baby boy names has never been easier. With such a wide range of choices, you’ll be teaching your little one their name in no time.

Korean girl names often describe a character of a softer nature. But these names also are a tribute to strength of character and wisdom, too. Korean names like Seo-yun and Min-seo are beautiful tributes to the attributes that are going to make baby one to watch for as she makes her way through life by carving out her own path.

On the flipside, Korean boy names often are defined with knowledge and general reminders of respect. Starting baby with such fervent well wishes for their character and their future are beautiful tributes to the culture you’re hoping to carry on. Korean names like Jong-woo and Ye-jun are sweet and strong for a solid start to life, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

By picking a Korean baby name you are seizing the opportunity to honor your culture and help baby do the same. These names are beautiful and in the multitudes, but having so many choices is made easier by reading through the definitions and saying them aloud. Follow your gut and we’re sure you’ll have your dream Korean baby name in no time.