The Bump has put together this list of Scottish baby girl, boy, and unisex names to help you choose the best name for your baby. Finding the right name for your new arrival often takes a great deal of time and consideration and this guide helps make that journey a little easier. Scottish names sound as beautiful as they look, and the meaning behind each one often tells its own unique story. Owing to the mixture of anglicized and Scots-Gaelic names that can be found when searching for Scottish baby names, you’re spoiled for choice as you mull over your many options. Whether you want to reflect romance, music, strength, or other characteristics, this list has a whole host of meaningful options.

For a name that is worthy of your little bundle of joy, why not try something really distinctive? Isla, Geddes, Dubhglass, and Elspeth are just some of the names that might stand out if you’re still looking for inspiration. Magical, beautifully spelled, and fun to say out loud, these names are sure to narrow down that all-important search.

Scotland is a country steeped in a rich history, and this often colors the meaning behind many of its words and phrases. The same can be said of Scottish baby names. So, if you want to give your little one a name that has significance and can be traced back to a certain origin, a Scottish name could be the best choice. Bonnie, Cailean, and Carson are just some of the names whose etymologies can be looked up and understood. Tried-and-true Scottish baby boy names such as David, Lewis, and Jack are also go-to picks for many people. Popular Scottish baby girl names often include Nicola, Lauren, Olivia, and more.

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