Updated June 24, 2021

The land, the accents, the culture, the cinematic views — what’s not to love about Scotland? If you’re planning for your wee babe to be running around in kilts and maybe taking up the bagpipes, then you have come to the right place. Scottish baby names are the next step for your future highlander and we couldn’t be more excited for you both!

Of course we know there’s much more to the Scottish heritage than just what can be seen on TV, but that’s often where a lot of Scots enthusiasts were first introduced. The Scots have a unique, strong history and are one of the nations that falls under the Celtic banner. Here at The Bump we want to celebrate that Celtic tradition. Scottish baby names have a robust range of enchanting sounds and descriptions.

Scottish baby girl names like Makenzie can pay tribute to a past family clan or just acknowledge the fire-heart growing in your daughter. But if you’re looking for something a bit softer, Davina could be your gal with a name meaning “beloved”. But the meaningful names don’t stop there; Scottish baby boy names like Callum and Calder are a testament to the beauty and the often difficult journey of raising a little one. Not to mention the dazzling gender neutral names — like Karson and Bryce — you can find to give an even more unique twist to baby’s Scottish name.

Scottish names are full to the brim with endearing meaning and we know you’ll be able to find the exact name you’re looking for that fits perfectly with your image of baby. Finding a name can be hard, but this Scottish Baby Names list is sure to make that adventure much easier.

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