Other Origin(s):Gaelic, Irish
Meaning:Ascend; Born of fire; Son of Cionnaith,
Illuminate your life with the charming name Mackendra. With a Gaelic flair, it traces back to Irish and Scottish roots like Mac Kenna or Mc Kenna, and springs from the Gaelic name Cináed, meaning "born of fire." Mackendra, an anglicized form of Mac Cionaodha, carries the essence of "son of Cionnaith," or hails from the Scottish surname in Galloway, MacCionaodha. The traditional derivation from cinid, meaning “to be born" and "descend from," and áed, signifying “fire," adds a touch of folk charm. This unique name paints a picture of your little one rising like a phoenix from the ashes, leaving a lasting mark on every adventure they embark upon.

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