Updated May 22, 2022

Japanese culture is everywhere! The cinema, music, food, anime, and — last but not least — the names from Japan are all worth falling for. The fun sounds, the gorgeous characters you can write them in, and their definitions are just a few things that make Japanese baby girl and baby boy names special.

Picking a name for baby can feel difficult, but going this route can ensure the love for Asian culture grows and that baby has a unique name simultaneously. Japanese baby names are lovely and often leave you feeling upbeat after saying them. But not only is saying the name a great experience, these names often inspire those who have them. There are so many creative geniuses that have come out of Japan that we have plenty of names that have a built-in role model to always look up to.

Japanese baby boy names like Hideo and Kentaro are wonderful, powerful choices for baby. Alternatively, cute names like Nari and Atsuko could represent the sweet, gentle personality you expect from baby while still tying in the representation you hope to achieve with a Japanese baby name.

Just as the Japanese characters are unique and beautiful, so are the names. These gorgeous names are meaningful and perfect for the parent in search of a name that’s fun to say for the sweet, inspired baby you can’t wait to know.

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