Updated May 26, 2022

Picking a Slavic baby name can mean a wide range of things. The term Slav represents so many cultures under one umbrella and serves as an easy way to consolidate all of these captivating names in one place. A Slavic name could mean a name influenced by Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, or any of the other 12 or so regions that fall into this category. So how do you narrow down such a large choice?

We suggest saying these names out loud and choosing a name for baby by its significance in meaning. If you’re in need of a Slavic name with a religious intonement, consider Ivan or Ivanna, meaning God is gracious. Or perhaps if you’re hoping for a name imbued with the elegance of your surroundings, consider names like Zora and Leena, meaning dawn and light.

Picking a Slavic girl or boy name for baby can serve as a way to honor your homeland and family history. These names showcase a strength and refined grace that can be a lovely tribute to your ancestry and loved ones in one fell swoop. By picking your favorites from this Slavic Baby Names list, you’ll be a huge step closer to finding the best name for baby.

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