Updated June 26, 2022

Welsh baby names are incredibly unique. If Welsh isn’t your native tongue, the language can look quite daunting; there’s usually a lot of consonants that you’re not sure what to do with. Llawenydd, for instance, is the word for joy but the word for baby is babi. Knowing that there are some easily readable words should give the non-Welsh speaker some hope for the beautiful baby names we have lined up for you with our Welsh Baby Names list.

On the flipside, if you are a Welsh speaker, llongyfarchiadau! We are so delighted for you and baby. These Welsh baby names give you the chance to embrace your heritage or interests by picking out an enchanting, unique Welsh name. Wales is a country rich in history and its association with all things Celtic means it’s got a little bit of magic, too. We’ve found this modern day magic inspiring and we know plenty of others have felt the same.

Artists throughout history have used the Welsh culture as an influence on their creations and we think you could be similarly inspired. For instance, a name like Arwen could tick those boxes for your Tolkien and Welsh needs. Welsh baby girl names, like Cerridwen or Guinevere, are practically begging your baby to be running through rolling green hills after faeries or writing fantastical stories. Welsh names for boys run the gamut from Cayden to Rhys to Marvin, or — going by their definitions — from battle to enthusiasm to sea friend.

Here at The Bump we are sure you’re going to find the perfect Welsh name for baby with these colorful names and their wide scope of meanings to suit any and all needs.

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