The Bump has compiled a detailed list of Welsh baby names for everyone to browse through. This list contains boy, girl, and unisex names from the country of Wales. Here, you can find out more about the meaning behind some of these distinctive names, learn about how popular each has been over time, and ultimately, pick your favorite one. Many of these baby names sound magical and mythical while others have more common pronunciations. Owing to the diverse array of names available, you are sure to find one that says something special about your little one. Traditional Welsh baby names often have truly unique spellings, and these would be ideal options for anyone who wants their baby’s name to really stand out from the crowd. From Arianna to Cerridwen, you are sure to be pleased with the varied names that this category has to offer.

Welsh baby boy names can often be as familiar as Owen, Lloyd, or Gareth. These names have often been chosen for new arrivals because they are traditional and widely recognized. Those who like the backstory of these names are welcome to check out some of the notable variations of these already enchanting names. What’s more, Welsh baby boy names that are less common and more attention-grabbing include Yago, Newlin, Kaj, and a variety of others.

If you are expecting a little baby girl, then you will no doubt be impressed by the many suitable Welsh baby girl names. Many of these are wrapped up in all sorts of historical significance and mythology. A great deal of them also have specific meaning as defined by the Welsh language, and these can be fun to think about when considering which name to opt for. Gladys, Winifred, and Gwendolyn are just some of the standout names that are quintessentially Welsh.

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