Updated May 08, 2022

Congratulations! There’s a baby on the way and now it’s time for the exciting next step of naming them! There are so many names for you to choose from that this process can take longer than you want, but starting with picking a name based on its meaning or by the heritage it represents is a great choice. Armenian baby girl and baby boy names can be that perfect leaping off point you’re looking for.

Armenia is a small country in southerwestern Asia. This country is sandwiched between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey. By being in the cross section of these countries, Armenian culture has become an amalgamation of these identities mixed with its own. With that, the Armenian baby girl and baby boy names have been similarly affected, giving you and baby so many to choose from!

Armenian names, with their roots in the Indo-European language, exhibit a wide range of meanings, and we implore everyone to read through these descriptions to find their perfect fit. Anahid and Arevalous are names that highlight the otherworldly beauties of the moon and the sun and the natural reverence for them encapsulated in lovely Armenian girl names. But equally unique in their range of names and meanings for every purpose, Armenian boy names, Hovnan and Hunan refer to charming eyes or being as sweet as a dove.

This list of Armenian names for baby will make your next step in parenthood that much easier. Choose to honor your homeland and the culture you love by giving baby an Armenian name that will mean something to you both.