By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Babies and softness basically go hand in hand. From their cuddly little bodies to their delicate scent to their lovely crown of baby hair, babies are no strangers to softness! However, life doesn’t always take the gentle path, so little elements of safety and sweetness are practically an essential. Give baby a subtle but lifelong reminder that these comforts are always just around the corner with a soft baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name.

Soft Baby Boy Names

Masculinity looks different in every person, but kids are the product of that environment, so you certainly get to help them identify their version of masculinity through life! By treating your little dude with a soft and gentle touch, he can discover his own version of it all within the safety of your arms. Teach baby about themselves with a soft baby boy name.

Soft Baby Girl Names

Little girls typically grow into women who have to decide on the balance between strength and softness. However, these names can help you teach baby to become whoever they want to be while still bearing the constant reminder to treat, at least, themselves with softness and patience.

Popular Soft Baby Names

Choosing a soft baby name to help baby be kind to themselves is a huge advantage to a soft baby name. However, you can help them stay abreast of the simultaneously time with a popular soft baby name! These names are the cream of the crop, giving baby a stylishness everyone can appreciate.

Unique Soft Baby Names

Uniqueness is paramount to an exciting life! But experiencing softness is just as important, so why not put those hands together? Choosing a name that’s not often heard on the playground opens up doors to interesting conversations, historical explorations, and positively adorable nicknames no one’s ever heard of!

Cute Soft Baby Names

Of course, cuteness is subjective. However, babies by default are objectively cute, so a cute, soft baby name will fit like a glove. These names highlight the cuteness found worldwide and bring a little bit more character to the playground with a splash of heritage peeking out of every introduction.

Cuddly Soft Baby Names

Cuddling baby is about to become your new favorite pastime, but—unfortunately—they won’t be a baby forever, so pick a cuddly, soft baby name to serve as a daily reminder! These names highlight the tenderness in your heart and the softness of baby’s sweet crown in just a couple syllables for baby to carry all life long.
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