Plenty of parents are choosing their new family members’ names according to their charts, and now you can too! Generations upon generations of parents have looked to the stars as reminders of the unearthly and uncanny influences on their lives. But the lifestyle that accompanies a passion for astrology is far more than just star signs; from crystals to pure gut feelings, there are an infinite number of muses in and outside of the world that impact daily life.

Optimistic Baby Names

Optimistic baby names give a little positive zing to everyday life, whether you’re the parent or the bearer! But these names are especially special if baby is lucky enough to be born on March 1st, the day when optimism and drive is supported 100% of the way.

Soft Baby Names

With baby entering this wide world full of energy and excitement, the experience can be, well, a bit noisy. But when surrounded by your warm, gentle love and their tranquil nursery, you can keep them from the onslaught. Help them keep ahold of that tranquility all lifelong with a soft baby name.

Aries Baby Names

An Aries baby name will help you and baby highlight the core values and traits you want to embrace all lifelong. Teach baby all about their planetary alignment and the great things that await them with an Aries baby name.

Taurus Baby Names

If your darling little one is arriving between late April to late May, you might have a Taurus on your hands! This little one will be dictated by the laws of love and strength, so you might as well give them a Taurus baby name to represent that.

Gemini Baby Names

Your gorgeous little one is arriving soon, so why not look into an astrological baby name? If they’re born between May 21st and June 21st, then you’ve got an energetic Gemini on your hands! A Gemini baby name will help you and baby both tap into that creative energy buzzing around all lifelong.

Cancer Baby Names

To make the most of the baby naming opportunity, why not choose a name that recognizes the way the stars aligned for baby? A Cancer baby name is all about that protective nature surrounding a loving and silly core. Help baby embrace all facets of their personality with a Cancer baby name.

Leo Baby Names

With an impending arrival in the middle of the summer, baby might just be born to be wild! The Leo sign is one of passion and loyalty above all else. If you plan to teach baby about the ins and outs of embracing their enthusiasm, starting with a Leo baby name could help kickstart that journey.

Virgo Baby Names

If the lesson of humility is on the top of your to-do list for raising baby, then a Virgo baby name goes hand-in-hand with that. Ringing in the end of the season with baby in tow means you’ll have your hands delightfully full, so why not let baby’s name do some of the teaching?

Libra Baby Names

If you’re rarin’ to take on the change of the season with your new best friend in tow, then you just might have a Libra on your hands! Libra baby names embrace baby’s inherent, harmonious qualities, giving you a chance to celebrate the core of their personality every day.

Scorpio Baby Names

The secret agent of the signs, Scorpios are powerful and mysterious. Their passion and boldness will keep everyone on their toes, so why not get ahead of the game by embracing them in full force with a Scorpio baby name?

Sagittarius Baby Names

Ever the optimist, Sagittarius’s know precisely how to keep on truckin’ no matter what life hands them. If you want to embrace this, among their other wonderful myriad traits, choose a baby name tailor-made for a Sagittarius.

Capricorn Baby Names

Determination runs in the very core of Capricorns; if baby is going to be one of these earthy and steadfast people, then they need a name that embraces them wholly! Capricorn baby names recognize their innate practicality and encourage them to follow their passions every step of the way.

Aquarius Baby Names

The sensitive, independent, and creative little bee en route deserves the utmost care and attention to their needs. If they’re born to an Aquarius, then consider one of these names that embraces every facet of their sweet personality.

Pisces Baby Names

If your little one’s soul is bound to be emotional and sensitive, or you’re purely trusting the dates, a Pisces baby name might suit your little one perfectly. These names isolate key points on the wide spectrum of the human experience, making sure baby never feels out of place.

Baby Names That Mean “Star”

The glint in baby’s eye is the only rival to the beauty of the starry sky at night. But with an unfathomable 200 billion trillion stars in the universe, it’s unsurprising that you’ve found a muse or two when you’ve looked up at night. Consider a starry baby name for the new twinkle in your eye.

Shining Baby Names That Mean “Sun”

The feeling of sun-warmed skin and the joy from seeing a bright blue sky is good enough to make humans wonder if photosynthesis isn’t all that bad. Even though you’re not genetically like the flora around, the sun can still be restorative. A sunny baby name will help you and baby both feel rejuvenated no matter the weather outside.

Baby Names That Mean “Moon”

Though the most obviously visible moon from Earth is Earth’s moon, there are actually 290 moons in the solar system! By giving baby a baby name that means “moon,” you’re giving them the gift of joining the legacy of the beautiful behemoths far and wide in the sky.

Baby Names That Mean “Wind” and “Sky”

There’s hardly anything better than a gentle draft on a beautiful sunny day. By choosing a baby name that means “wind” or “sky,” you’re encapsulating that breezy feeling and happy blue sky no matter what the forecast is.

Element Baby Names

No matter where your love of the elements stems from—yes, Avatar: The Last Airbender counts—their power is undeniable. Affecting all of life, the elements can lead to feelings of personal attunement and inspiration. Choosing an elemental baby name will give baby this inspiration all lifelong.

Celestial Baby Names

The majesty of the sky is unparalleled. From the unfathomable count of stars and galaxies to the primal wonder of spotting a crescent moon, celestial bodies have a habit of being stunning. If you want baby to feel a kinship with all of this otherworldly magic, consider a celestial baby name.

Ethereal Baby Names

From the pure love of fantasy to the naturally magical and otherworldly things happening every day, the ethereal is all around, all the time. An ethereal baby name highlights the wondrous and inexplicable beauty in nature and people, no matter the circumstances—giving you and baby both a bit of mysticism, to boot.

Greek Mythology Baby Names

So much of modern astrology is based on the Hellenistic tradition. By choosing a baby name connected to their charts and ancient mythology, you’re giving baby plenty to be inspired by for a lifetime.

Mythological Baby Names

Mythological baby names take into consideration a much wider array of cultures with rich traditions of mythology than the traditional Greek mythos. From Chinese to Scandinavian mythologies to choose from, baby will have muses aplenty to consider all lifelong!