Updated May 22, 2022

Celestial baby names have a whimsical charm that can only be ushered in by the grace of the stars. Though firmly rooted in earthly tradition, these names have a way of capturing the essence of that otherworldly beauty in the skies above. Baby is obviously out of this world—we had to—and deserves a celestial baby name to celebrate that fact.

Taking influences from gods and goddesses of mythology, the moon herself, the planets in our universe, and the divinity hidden beneath our shores, celestial baby names have so much beauty to offer. They can give baby a sense of wanderlust, fascination, and appreciation in just a few syllables! By choosing one of these names constantly sparking with a muse’s influence, baby will be able to find the divine beauty in everything. Celestial baby names are a reminder of the gorgeous universe and forces out there, constantly at play, while still keeping them rooted in this world and how to celebrate it.

Reaching for the moon will at least land baby among the stars, and what better hope could you have for baby’s brilliant life? Whether you need a girl name, a boy name, or a gender-neutral name, you’ll have plenty of glimmering options reflecting that dazzling sparkle in baby’s eye with celestial baby names.

Celestial Baby Names
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