Updated June 26, 2022

Scary baby names are only for the most bewitching of beings! Names dripping with mystery, folklore, and tragedy are at home in this list. Telling baby your favorite spooky stories is the new-age window into the soul. Welcome baby into your haunted paradise with a scary girl, boy, or gender-neutral baby name.

Ancient folklore is as alluring as it is creepy. The raised hairs on the back of your neck and the shivers down your spine are the currency with which these tales pay. These names will make you feel at home if the looming darkness has been your company throughout the years. Consider the story of Kuchisake-onna, the “slit-mouthed woman” of Japanese urban legend. This spirit is known to be malicious due to the ways in which her husband betrayed her in life.

From stories best told by candlelight to the haunted towns of modern-day terror, scary baby names invoke these spell-binding feelings. Through literature, folklore, music, and ancient traditions, they exist across centuries. All the way from banshees to Beelzebub and even Tolkien’s Uruk-hai, scary baby names are made of intrigue and creepy-crawly feelings.

But if the specifics go too far for your liking, baby could be given a name that’s simply imbued with the essence of scary names. Consider dark and powerful names like Rue or Onyx to tick that box while not necessarily turning heads with every introduction to baby.