Meaning:Ripe; Full-grown
If Finding Nemo is your jam or surfing your passion, the boy's name Rip is guaranteed to bring majestic ocean waves to mind. This verb-slash-noun combo is known among surfers as the dark and calm channel between waves while also referring to a totally awesome wipeout. You may recall the adorable sea turtle, Squirt, of Finding Nemo, schooling Marlin and Nemo on how to rip it, roll it and punch it! In terms of origin, Rip has Dutch roots and means "ripe" or "full-grown." Rip also gained popularity thanks to American actor Rip Torn, who you'll remember from Men in Black and as the narrator in Disney's Hercules. Whichever strikes inspiration in your little surfer dude, this one-of-a-kind name is guaranteed to inspire a laid-back and no-worries attitude.
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