Updated May 22, 2022

Is your favorite place on Earth Disney or have you maybe spent years of your life watching their countless classic movies? We get it! It’s hard to find a story these days that wasn’t somehow involved with the world famous company and we love them for it. From the classic fairy tales to Marvel to Star Wars, Disney seems to have a hand in everything we hold near and dear. But luckily for us, that means that when it comes to giving baby a Disney baby girl or baby boy name, there are so many to choose from!

Of course, taking a page out of the classics’ books is perfectly understandable and a great place to start. Giving your sweet girl a Disney baby name like Aurora is beautiful. Or maybe you anticipate someone curious and perhaps a little ornery to come along, so Alice could be your gal. And what’s sweeter than naming your baby boy for the princeling you hope he becomes? Eric and Flynn are gorgeous tributes to the tales we all know and love.

But if you take a deeper look, you can find more than just princes and princesses. Disney baby names from the various different franchises, like Rey and Peter, give you a wider range of the stories that feel like home and will help you find that flawless fit for your Disney baby in no time.

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