Meaning:Black, dark; Fishing hook
Dewayne is a boy's name of Irish origin. Rooted in Duane and Dwayne, it's an anglicized form of Dubhán, meaning "black" and "dark." Back in 5th-century Ireland, Welsh priest Saint Dubhán landed in County Wexford and founded many signal-fire lighthouses. The headland Hook Head was later named after him by the Normans, who translated his name as "fishing hook." Dewayne is just a stone's throw from Dwayne, as in the super strong actor Johnson, nicknamed The Rock. While he was initially made famous during his wrestling career, he's also a huge advocate for mental health support and has starred in tons of kids' movies, such as Disney's Moana. With such a namesake, baby will aspire to be both strong and compassionate, helping guide others in the dark with their brilliant light!
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