There are so many famous people to be inspired by. From brilliant actors to phenomenal athletes to actual royalty, famous people make up a lot of the conversation in our daily lives. They wield influence like a chisel to our cultural marble slab, and there are plenty of ways to carry their banner forward! If there’s a famous figure throughout history or pop culture that you want to commemorate every day, a famous baby name for your future star could be precisely what you’re looking for.

30 Baby Names for Women’s Equality Day

Raising baby to be a feminist is often a no-brainer; who doesn’t want equal rights? If you’re looking to raise baby to be a powerhouse, look no further than these Women’s Equality Baby Names for your inspiration.

African Heritage & Health Week-Inspired Baby Names

Black History Month is a vital time for Americans to commemorate the tumultuous-at-best history. But one of the micro-celebrations of the cultures fully ingrained in the American melting pot takes place in the first week of every February—African Heritage & Health Week! Give baby a piece of their history with all the benefits of the modern age with one of these inspired baby names.

Baby Names Inspired by African American Heritage Month

African American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans throughout history who have changed the world and the lives of future generations. Give baby an inspiring name with history to boot when picking from this list.

Baby Names Inspired by Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate baby’s Hispanic heritage by choosing the name of one of these history-making Hispanic figures.

Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month

If you've been looking for the perfect way to show baby the power of pride, try out these bold and courageous names commemorating LGBTQIA+ heroes. A famous or historical name will give them a role model to aspire to and a special way to celebrate Pride Month year-round.

Baby Names Inspired by the Olympics

Take inspiration from real-life superheroes with an Olympics-inspired baby name. From past champions like Carl Lewis to more recent stars like Simone Biles, naming baby after an Olympian might just help them aspire to greatness.

Baby Names for Hockey Fans

If hockey is your passion, why not choose a baby name inspired by the sport? From the names of hockey's greatest heroes to names that evoke all that's great about the game, this list has it all.

Baby Names for Native American Heritage Month

For baby to be born from the long line of Natives to this land is a gift, but one laced with centuries of systemic oppression. Teaching baby to honor those who’ve come before them and the rights they’re entitled to will also teach them to fight for generations coming after them. A Native American baby name from one of these heroes of the Indigenous community will serve them well.

Baby Names of Purple Heart Heroes

Baby names inspired by Purple Heart heroes are a commemoration of American bravery and courage. Give baby a piece of solemn history with one of these names.

Baseball Baby Names

Whether it’s Babe Ruth or Derek Jeter that initiated your love of baseball, this classic sport is timeless, and with it, so are the names! Baseball baby names give you and baby the opportunity of a lifelong dedication to your heroes while still leaving room for baby’s impact too.

Black History Month Baby Names

Black History Month might only be every February, but the sentiment and the impact of Civil Rights activists remain every single day. Give baby a name inspired by one of the most history-inspired times of the year.

Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities can always be counted on for unique baby names, so why not take inspiration from them when naming your own little one? From August to Kalliope, this list of famous names is full of fun choices.

Disney Baby Names

Disney is easily the most famous production company in the world and a creator of countless classic films. If you want to give baby a name that honors these beloved characters, consider choosing a Disney baby name.

Eras Tour-Inspired Baby Names

Once a Swiftie, always a swiftie, and it’s no surprise the mega pop star has earned so much dedication. She inspires personal growth and normalizes the importance of every day experiences that make a person who they are. Encourage baby down this path of reflection with an eras-inspired baby name fit for a swiftie.

Feminist Baby Names for Women’s History Month

This list of feminist names might not include every woman around the world who’s made it an infinitely better place to be—you’d be here for years reading that list—but it does include the shortened stories of 25 incredible women. They ran and have continued running so the world’s future women could walk. Pick a feminist baby name to inspire your little one all lifelong.

Football Baby Names

Football baby names represent so much more than the sport; just like how football is so much more than a game! Give baby the key to unlocking new dreams of greatness no matter what direction life takes them in with one of these classic, sporty names.

Historical Baby Names

If baby’s being born into a family of scholars, choosing a name fitting your values is a great first step. Each of these historical baby names is brimming with stories to be inspired by for a lifetime.

Literary Baby Names

Take a page out of the books of some of the literary greats, and give baby a name to pay tribute to your favorite author. These bookish baby names are a novel idea!

Old English Baby Names

An old language well-studied makes for plenty of conversation at the dinner table. Consider the double whammy that is a unique old name and the historical implications of the Old English language.

Poetic Baby Names

Getting to share your passions in life with others is a special treat. Getting to share your passions with your child is a whole other level! If poetry has inspired you, a poetic baby name will undoubtedly do the same for baby.

Presidential Baby Names

No matter when baby is born, they could be a natural leader. If you intend to nourish their strengths and pioneering ways, then a presidential baby name for President’s Day could be the perfect fit.

Royal Baby Names

Feel like giving your little one the royal treatment? These famous names will have baby channelling their inner prince or princess. Look out, Lillibet and Archie! There's a new cutie in town.

Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Whether you want to steer baby towards a life in the spotlight or help them stand out in a crowd, this list is for you. Little Jagger and Bowie are sure to fill your days with music, while Apple and Diva will certainly reach for the stars.

Wild Celebrity Baby Names

The A-listers of Hollywood for generations have let their creativity shine in their baby name choices. You and baby can do the same!