Updated May 08, 2022

If more than half of the year feels like the best time of the year, — October through April, that is — you may or may not be a hockey fan. Just statistically speaking your little one is more likely to be born during the hockey season than to not be and somehow that feels like fate, right? And there’s no time like the present to pick the perfect name for your little good luck charm. If a hockey name for your baby girl or baby boy couldn’t feel more right, then you’ve come to the exact right place.

Hockey, with its massive season length and physically demanding gameplay, is not for the faint of heart. But this game isn’t just about brute strength, the complex array of rules interwoven through the basic few make this sport about what stratagem is in your head, too. Hockey is a sport for appreciating the artistry and nuance underneath the brawls and broken teeth.

With so much to love in this sport, it’s no surprise that you’re feeling inspired enough to choose a name for baby from it. Picking legends from the 100 greatest NHL players and just muses from the sport itself will get you one step closer to having a hockey legend in your house and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you! These players have broken record upon record and gone down in history for their performance; what better motivation could you give baby?

Legends from the NHL’s Avalanche and Islanders
Legends from the NHL’s Bruins
Legends from the NHL’s Devils
Canucks, Ducks, and Stars o’Plenty
Legends from the NHL’s Oilers
Legends from the NHL’s Penguins
Legends from the NHL’s Rangers
Flyers and Flames and Sabres, Oh My!
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