Meaning:Lord; Belonging to the Lord
If you want baby to be the master of their own life, naming them Dominik may inspire just that. Dominik is the Slavic and German spelling for the Latin masculine name Dominic, which comes from the word dominus, meaning “Lord” or “belonging to the Lord.” In pre-Christian Rome, this title was borne by rulers and masters of enslaved people. Soon, the Latin Christian Church created a more positive association and used “Dominus” to refer to God. The patron saint of astronomers and the founder of the Dominican Order in the 13th century was named Saint Dominic. Dominik has that trendy k-spelling parents adore and will look as cool written down as it sounds when it trips off the tongue. Infused with equal parts faith and authority, Dominik will be the perfect title for a tenacious baby setting out to make the world their own.
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