Meaning:horse lover
Phil is a gender-neutral name, Greek in origin, and likened to those with love for free spirits. A short form of Philip—derived from the Ancient Greek Phílippos—Phil shares a claim to its components philos, meaning "love," and hippos, meaning "horses." Philip has been revered since antiquity, bestowed upon many Macedonian kings, including the father of Alexander the Great. The name celebrates the deep affinity for horses felt by many during the classical period of Ancient Greece when these powerful animals were most vital. As Philip grew into the well-regarded Phil, so too has the appreciation for the impressive stallion, its reputation gaining renewed admiration. For any would-be wrangler in the making, Phil is an enduring name well-equipped to match the horse's passion.

Famous People Named Phil

Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.
  • Phil Hartman
  • Phil Jackson
    Basketball Player
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