Due to the fact that the Greeks are one of the oldest recorded civilizations, we have their centuries old influences that we can always look back on for inspiration. But as is the nature of cultures and people, the influence of Greek culture didn’t stay exclusive to Greece. Plenty of names we know and recognize as belonging to other cultures have come from deeply rooted Greek origins. With such a vast and worldly influence, the range of names at your fingertips is something wonderful to behold.

Names like Sebastian, Theodore, and Nicholas are gorgeous classic Greek baby boy names. But in addition to the more traditional names, there’s also a wide variety of unique names you might not have even known were Greek! Supremely cool names like Phoenix and Jasper are here to make themselves known while also leaving room for repurposed badass names from the past. Atlas and Adonis could make an unbelievably cute set of Greek twins even cuter. But regardless whatever you choose, if you’re going the route of a Greek name you won’t be led astray.

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