Updated May 12, 2022

To say a name is Arabic could mean a vast array of things; Arabic is a language spoken as an official or co-official language in 25 countries. This centuries old language represents so many different cultures and with that comes so many different Arabic baby girl and baby boy names!

Most Arabic names are centuries old and stem from different religions or other various influences found throughout the Middle East. Arabic naming practices include giving baby family names, patronyms, and religious names.

Arabic baby names are rich with significant meanings. Whether they are driven from the beautiful scenery of the Middle East or taking more poetic influences, these names have a wide variety for you to choose from. With Zahra referring to a white flower and Laila meaning night beauty, Arabic baby girl names are easy to fall for. There are so many elegant names for your beautiful baby girl, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal name for baby in no time. Arabic names for baby boys are also remarkable with their vast array of definitions to pick from. Kaiden will be your lifelong companion and Kareem can put a name to the generous soul you’re raising.

The most special moments with Arabic baby names often come from their depth of meaning and we implore you to read through them and try saying the names out loud. Following your gut will ensure that you find the perfect Arabic name for baby with ease.

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