Other Origin(s):Roman
Meaning:dark beauty
A pleasant variant of the ancient Leila, Laela is a girl's name of Arabic origin that whispers of hidden romance and moonlit ventures. Laela comes from the element layl, meaning "night," placing it as a firm favorite among little raven-haired wonders. However, it is Laela's ties to Arabian legend that earns it the alluring translation of "dark beauty." Rooted in the 7th-century poem of Layla and Majnun, the name is inspired by the young virgin who falls passionately in love with another. A true tale of unrequited affection, they are forbidden from ever uniting. Instead, Layla is destined to become a muse for Majnun's love songs of yearning—a destiny that continues well into contemporary popular culture. Who knows what creative masterpieces your own little Laela may inspire in their lifetime.
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