Enya McIntyre
  • Enya writes content for various platforms at The Knot Worldwide, including Hitched UK, WeddingWire Canada and The Bump.
  • Enya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and New Media from the University of Limerick.
  • Enya is from a small village on the banks of the River Shannon in West Limerick, Ireland.

The 5-year-old I babysat was very disappointed not to get Red Bull for Christmas. He was so excited to get wings

Enya McIntyre

Content Writer

At The Bump
If you were to catch sight of Enya working at The Bump, you would see a cluster of tabs open, a steaming cup of tea and a head of black curly hair immersed in her research. Enya values accuracy and works hard to create descriptions that will enable people to make informed decisions on naming their baby. Making them fun is just a bonus! The opportunity to include a music reference is always welcomed by Enya, as is any excuse to mention Harry Potter and his wizarding world.

Enya graduated from the University of Limerick in 2021 with a degree in Journalism and New Media and a minor in English Literature. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Enya has completed several other courses, including an Introduction to Marine Biology and a Starting Your Own Business course. Her love for reading runs deep, and she one day hopes to write books of her own. The running joke in Enya's family is how long can she last without her Kindle. Rumour has it that it's 5 minutes.

Having bounced between multiple jobs and industries for years, Enya is thrilled to finally have landed at The Knot Worldwide. After leaving the world of pulling pints and taking orders, Enya dived headfirst into social media management, working in multiple positions, including at a fashion house in New York. The novelty of the glitz and glamour soon wore off, reconfirming what she already knew—writing is her number one passion. She went on to write for numerous local newspapers and magazines and, today is thrilled to write about life's most joyous moments at The Knot Worldwide.