Meaning:beautiful or eye-catching; king, nobility; queenly; frog
Rana is a historically-rich, gender-neutral name with more meanings than syllables. Throughout the world, Rana has appeared as both a male and female given name and meant various, often contradictory things. This makes the name both unique and versatile. As an Arabic girl’s name, it means “eye-catching” or “beautiful,” while in New Zealand, it is reserved for boys. Seemingly coincidentally, as a Sanksrit boy’s name it means “king” or “nobility,” and as a Norse girl’s name means “queenly.” Rana even translates to “frog” in Italian and Spanish. Such a hodgepodge of meanings and origins not only allows you to pick the ones you like best, but also gives baby Rana a certain freedom. The name will inspire baby to travel widely, experience a diversity of cultures and forge their own fate.
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