Updated June 26, 2022

For the lovers of finery and those with exquisite taste, elegant baby names will have baby living a life of glamour. The saying might go, “not all that glitters is gold,” but all gold certainly does glitter, and that’s an elegant pursuit in life. With an elegant baby girl or boy name, baby can spend their life finding all things that dazzle as much as their winning smile.

Elegance comes in many forms, with a definition evolving through time. Once the word meant splendor and grandeur, but now the word means something a little different. The essence of simplicity in design and clothing is now the reigning champion of elegance. But what belies every change in definition is the running appreciation of beauty. Choosing elegance is choosing a lifestyle, and inviting baby to join you in this beautiful life can be done by selecting a name representing this evergreen term.

These exquisite baby names take the grandeur influence from all over the world. With definitions alluding to the grace and charm baby will carry themselves with all through their life, baby will breeze through this life on a dazzling cloud. Soo-ah, Calanthe, and Zerlina are all elegant baby names highlighting gorgeous talents and heritage in one fell swoop.

Living life with rose-tinted glasses can be even easier with an elegant baby name to remind your darling little one. But if the name and its definition aren’t enough, there are famously elegant people throughout history that have made a widespread impact on the idea of glamour. From Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to Marlon Brando and Muhammad Ali, their elegance has spread among generations, and baby can continue their legacy with just a few letters.

Elegant Baby Names
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