Updated May 22, 2022

Congratulations on adding a new member to your family! Looking for names can be hard but it doesn’t have to be when looking into Ghanaian baby girl and baby boy names. By using these names for baby you can easily honor your homeland or family history.

Ghana is one of the many countries full of vibrant life in Africa. Wanting to name baby with a Ghanaian name makes sense when you take into account the strength in its history and people. As one of the first countries in Africa to achieve colonial independence, this culture showcases true tenacity and we understand wanting baby to have a name that represents that.

The power in these names comes from the descriptions. Often the tradition in Ghana is to name baby for the day they were born or the order in which the children were born. Ghanaian names for girls like Ashantee or Afryea are perfect for showing your gratefulness for baby’s arrival and the joyous time that is. Kaatachi and Osei are strong names denoting leadership or a proud honorable nature and could be perfect to scratch the Ghanaian baby boy name itch. Afuom and Likem are strong gender neutral names for baby, too.

Ghana is a country rich in history and traditions that deserves to be celebrated. We know if you take a look through our list of Ghanaian baby names that you’ll be sure to find one for baby that celebrates your family’s history in no time.