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Updated January 26, 2024
If you’re a Swiftie, then you definitely understand how the stages of your life can swing wildly between huge shifts and much more casual transitions. But no matter where you are right now, it’s exactly where you’re meant to be—especially if you’re welcoming a little bundle of joy into your life to become your own tailor-made Swiftie!

Taylor Swift Inspired Baby Names

Even if country music isn’t your jam anymore, Taylor Swift’s original album from 2006 undoubtedly unlocked your love of that sweet summer-sounding lilt. From the quintessential curls to the simple and effective guitar melodies, every one of these baby names inspired by the Taylor Swift album just brims with charming nostalgia.

Fearless Inspired Baby Names

Full of love stories and heartbreak and the courage to stand back up again, Fearless was an album that kicked off Taylor Swift’s wider fandom. If you still find yourself humming a tune or two from this sweet album, then maybe a subtle homage in baby’s name wouldn’t go astray.

Speak Now Inspired Baby Names

An album that was so special it got revisited, it’s no surprise if you’ve found yourself still thinking fondly about 2010. Stepping into her 20s when it was published and establishing herself as a serious songwriter, this album was all about owning your own power and vulnerability. A Speak Now inspired baby name will encourage baby to tap into this all lifelong.

Red Inspired Baby Names

With the album Red, Taylor Swift basically established herself as the queen of pop with a country flavor. She broke records aplenty after spending seven weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. But besides the charts-determined fame, this album was one with a huge emphasis on the less-talked-about intricacies of loves gained and lost. Armed with a Red inspired baby name, baby will certainly have a penchant for empathy and understanding.

1989 Inspired Baby Names

But no matter how pop-y Red was, Taylor Swift’s true debut in the pop genre was 1989. An album all about self-discovery and owning your life and its next steps. From her move to the city that never sleeps and her new music-making direction, Taylor Swift proved to everyone that she was her own woman. Give baby this taste for independence with a 1989 inspired baby name.

Reputation Inspired Baby Names

Hailed by plenty as Taylor Swift’s best album, her Reputation helped Swift accrue plenty more records and even more recognition from her fans as a woman with her finger on the pulse of relatable experiences. If you want baby dancing from day one and understanding what it’s like to show up as authentically yourself, then a Reputation inspired baby name is just what you’re looking for.

Lover Inspired Baby Names

In Taylor Swift’s return to vulnerability, the album Lover feels like the Swift so many grew up with but with a strength and polish that only years of experience can give. With a name inspired by this album, you could give baby the benefit of this lived experience without necessarily all the heartache it took to get there.

Folklore Inspired Baby Names

Perhaps her most famous change over the years, Taylor Swift’s change to heartwrenching indie with the album Folklore was a move to be remembered. This album was yet another example of Swift’s recognition of the fact that people are meant to grow and change and find new interests. By moving into at least her third genre, she established that she really is a woman who moves with the tides of the time. Give baby that warm folksy feel with a baby name inspired by Folklore.

Evermore Inspired Baby Names

The winter equivalent and answer to Folklore, Evermore gives soft romanticism in a time where the world was forcibly divided. Producing songs clearly driven by an affection for what she does and enjoying the introspection the time at home offered her, Taylor Swift used these albums as an opportunity to really sink into her own depth. Give baby a more wintry piece of indie charm with an Evermore inspired baby name.

Midnights Inspired Baby Names

Midnights is a divisive album among fans and critics alike. It was a return to form in many ways, exciting fans but also turning some away from her music after the success of her indie folk forays. Explaining the album herself as “a journey through terrors and sweet dreams” certainly explains how sometimes your authentic self—dream self or reality—doesn’t always strike the same chord in people. With a Midnights inspired baby name, you can help baby get to new dreamy heights every day.
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