Meaning:Thor's stone; thunderstone
Dustin is a British gender-neutral name transferred from the Old Norse name Þórsteinn. First arriving in England with the Normans as Tustin, Dustin is composed of the elements Þórr, meaning "thunder"—a reference to the god Thor—and stein, meaning "stone." So while many would consider Dustin to resemble something akin to vast dusty plains, the name finds more solid foundations as "Thor's stone" or, more accurately, "thunderstone." In this regard, Dustin finds an easy kinship with the Norse god's famed hammer, Mjölnir, which was imbued with the power to wreak absolute destruction or bestow divine blessings. Dustin may be prone to underestimation, but its badass roots will leave baby in no doubt of their potential.

Famous People Named Dustin

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  • Dustin Hoffman
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