By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
If you think naming your baby is a rough job, imagine having a whole fanbase waiting to hear what name you’ve chosen for your new bundle of joy! But no matter the pressure these A-listers are under, celebs never fail to choose unique and exciting names for their little ones, and now you can too! Or if you’re just perusing names to be inspired by generally, these celebrity baby names revisit old classics and wacky alternatives in equal measure.

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Though the celebs themselves get wilder and wilder by the day, celebrity baby names don’t have to be! These names are full of classic choices like Sebastian and Henry—but with the option for some more unhinged connotations like Ezra, of course!

Celebrity Baby Girl Names

Your little girl is going to glitter and dazzle from day one, so why not give her a name already embodying star power? Celebrity baby girl names take heart from modern classics and Mother Nature herself, giving you the opportunity to embrace as many connotations as you want!

Popular Celebrity Baby Names

Whether the celebs you follow are actors, designers, or any other career that can bring critical acclaim, popular celebrity baby names just have the “It Factor” embedded. But even without all the glittering popularity of stardom, these popular names are that simply because they’ve stood the test of time. Give baby the opportunity to embrace legacies from every walk of life with a popular celebrity baby name.

Unique Celebrity Baby Names

Names can make or break first impressions, but unique celebrity baby names prove that coming from an unexpected place sometimes serves the best impact. These names break the conventional rules, giving place names, ancient names, last names, and so many more the chance to stand on their own.

Creative Celebrity Baby Names

Some of the best minds in human history have been creatives, so it only makes sense that you’d want to share at least a drop of that legacy with baby. Creative celebrity baby names take myriad shapes, all the way from recording artists to ancient Greek figures, and come together to fit perfectly into baby’s life.

Nature-Inspired CelebrityBaby Names

At the end of the day, celebrities are just people too, and like the rest of the world, they’re often inspired by this beautiful planet. The great outdoors has so much inspiration to offer, it’s no wonder that names like Bear and Everest have made their way into the mainstream. Nature-inspired celebrity baby names are rife with the splendor of the foliage and the glitter of Hollywood all in one place.
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