By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 24, 2024
Much of the beauty of modern names is that what modernizes them is almost always different! From unique spellings of old favorites to wholly new concoctions, modern baby boy, girl, and gender-neutral names are the way of the future. From Azra to Xander, there are plenty of names to choose from that feel a little bit like you’ve just stepped off the spaceship! However, if going so modern isn’t completely your style, some old-fashioned names used today give a lovely little revitalization just by the nature of their rarity! From Bennett to Fritzi, those modern names with a little vintage zest give your little one a truly new-age tale.

Modern Baby Boy Names

Plenty of parents strive for the most unique life experiences possible. Growing up watching social media become a pillar of communication and sharing, it’s easy to see that what’s prized above all else in society is what makes a person stand out from the crowd. If you want to encourage baby to let their individualism shine through no matter where they are, consider a modern baby boy name.

Modern Baby Girl Names

Modern baby girl names highlight individualism at its core. By choosing one of these more creative baby names, you’ll show baby that there’s always another angle to consider. Whether that’s experimentation with spelling or proposing new societal systems, there’s no fight too big or small when they have the embedded encouragement their modern baby girl name provides.

Popular Modern Baby Names

Though modern names are all about their own uniqueness, there are still myriad popular modern baby names to choose from! These names make their own waves and ride them too. With new takes on the classics and simply cool invented selections, popular modern baby names really have it all.

Unique Modern Baby Names

Like peanut butter and jelly, uniqueness and modernity go perfectly together. Unique, modern baby names come from times long past—ironically—and from truly new-age inspirations. The older names feel new because they’ve been revisited after centuries of dormancy, giving them a fresh lease on life. And the new names feel delightfully zesty and light without being weighed down by centuries of history.

Cute Modern Baby Names

Being cute as a button will be baby’s bread and butter, so giving them a cute modern baby name is simply the cherry on top. These names can range from short and quippy to simply fun to say! From adorable shorthands like Clemmie to the literal cherry on top with Cherry, cute modern baby names are simply the bee's fuzzy little knees.

Edgy Modern Baby Names

Similarly to unique modern baby names, edge and modernity are an excellent match. They bring to the table all the Zs you could hope for—and hopefully, they’ll manifest some of those sleepytime “Z”s too!—and even more charisma. Knowing without a doubt no other baby on the playground will have one of these bad boys, you can rest assured baby’s edge will be all lifelong.
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