Updated May 12, 2022

With The Bump’s convenient list of modern baby names, you can read all about some contemporary names that offer alternatives to many familiar options. Lucky, Jazz, Tex, Ysanne are just some of the eye-catching names that you may be drawn in by as you search. As time moves on, so do traditions and conventions, and the same is true when it comes to finding the right name for your infant. The names that sounded appealing when you were growing up, perhaps don’t capture the imagination as much anymore. With this catalog, you can follow the newest trends, learn about current names that are truly up-to-date, and find inspiration for your baby’s name. Whether you are looking for a modern baby boy or girl name, you are sure to have a fun time searching for one you can be proud of.

Modern baby girl names provide a whole host of interesting and in-vogue offerings for anyone who wants to break away from perusing outdated lists of children’s names. Whether you are choosing something completely different from the list of usual suspects, or you want to name your child after a modern-day heroine of your own, there are lots of different choices available. Beyonce, Keisha, and Turkessa are just some of the modern baby girl names available to read more about.

Choosing a modern baby boy name isn’t always the easiest task for a soon-to-be-parent to do. However, it could be the ideal avenue to explore, particularly if many more familiar names are not as appealing. Some of these names have become popular in recent times because they are associated with celebrities and sports stars. Larron, Anfernee, and Indio are just a small sample of the alternative, modern baby boy names that are becoming popular with today’s parents.

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