Meaning:Italian island; Wild boar; Goat
Capri is a feminine name of Italian origin. The modern name depicts the charm of the colorful Italian island located just off the mainland’s west coast. The isle is often described as the jewel of the Mediterranean, equipping baby with a name to inspire and captivate others as they appreciate life’s beauty. But not only is baby Capri a gem, this name dates back to Ancient Greece with the term “kapros,” translating to “wild boar.” The ancient Greeks were the first known settlers of the Italian island, which became overrun by wild boars—which explains the wide spectrum of its meaning. But there aren’t just two points on that spectrum! In Latin, the term “capreae” also means “goats,” which, while taken at face-value might not have the greatest connotation. But in the Chinese zodiac, goats symbolize creativity, calmness, and dependability. Baby will no doubt be just as multi-faceted as this name, making Capri a worthy contender.
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