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Updated February 01, 2024
If the classics have your heart and traditional academia has your heart, then a preppy baby name could be perfect for the new little master of your life. Luckily, the array of definitions offered and the connotations of being preppy are numerous! These names take that direction expertly, embodying sophistication and class with every letter—giving baby plenty of lofty goals to aspire to and comforts to expect. Preppy baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names exhibit the timeless grace of athleticism, education, fashion, and charm.

Preppy Baby Boy Names

Every corner of the world has some form of preppy culture; no matter where baby’s roots stem from, the perfect preppy baby boy name is just around the corner. These names vary from your classic British baby boy names to the French with their je ne sais quoi or a clean-cut Scandinavian choice. But no matter what origin strikes your fancy, there is a name ready to be called too!

Preppy Baby Girl Names

If this list is anything to go by, your little gal will be rockin’ sweaters and high ponytails all lifelong! But even if it’s less plaid skirts and more long nights in the library, a preppy baby girl name won’t go amiss for your sweet scholar. From Audrey to Vivian, your little lady will be set up for polished, posh, and preppy living in no time.

Popular Preppy Baby Names

Often, preppy culture and popularity go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense to be on the lookout for a baby name that ticks both those boxes. These names have become synonymous with preppy culture over the years, giving you and baby only the best of the best to choose from.

Unique Preppy Baby Names

If you want your little one to ride the waves of classic trends—but still want to give them a bit of an edge—unique preppy baby names are exactly what you’re looking for. These names aren’t all that commonly used, encouraging baby themselves to break out of the mold. Help baby’s already rare little spark shine all that much brighter with a unique, preppy baby name.

Vintage Preppy Baby Names

Arguably, the concept of the preppy lifestyle is closely tied to the vintage one! With American academia as old as the country itself—and having transported itself from overseas—there are hardly more charmingly vintage things than these preppy baby names.

Cute Preppy Baby Names

No matter what your thoughts are on blazers or lettermen jackets, it all can be made infinitely cuter by imagining baby in them. These names highlight style and lifestyle all in one go by capitalizing on connotations aplenty! Help baby define their style and fit in perfectly with your preppy fam with a cute preppy baby name.
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