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Updated April 30, 2024

Learning to communicate with the people around them will be a vital skill for baby throughout life, and choosing to teach baby multiple languages for said communication can only be described as a benefit! In fact, bilingual people’s grey and white matter in their brain actually differs to that of those who speak only one language. Becoming bilingual connects the four lobes of the brain better! Nudge baby in the right direction with a bilingual baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name.

Bilingual Arabic Baby Names

Give baby a connection to their heritage with a language deeply rooted in at least 25 countries with a bilingual Arabic baby name. This lyrical language has stood the test of time; through the rollercoaster of society and the beautiful art and poetry that has arisen from it, Arabic is here to stay. Teach baby about the poetry of this millennia-old language and their heritage with a bilingual Arabic baby name.

Bilingual Chinese Baby Names

A Chinese baby name gives you and baby both the opportunity to show pride in their heritage. With so many of the names calling upon peace and tranquility and the inspiring ways of nature, you can also use baby’s name as an opportunity to relish a steadier pace through life. A Chinese baby name not only calls upon the beauty of the world and baby’s place in it, but it takes the time to highlight the beauty of a shared history. Help baby look back and forward in time with peace in their heart and grace in their step with a Chinese baby name.

Bilingual French Baby Names

Though there are technically 44 Romance languages, French is arguably one of the ones to claim the most fame. With a whopping 97.6 million people in the world speaking this ever-flowing language as their first—and approximately 300 million people worldwide—it’s unsurprising that baby will be a bilingual little one with French too. These names are rife with beauty-, religion-, and nature-inspired definitions, making them ideal for the well-rounded bouts de chou of the world.

Bilingual Greek Baby Names

There are millions of people with a claim to Greek heritage and even more people who speak the language itself! If baby’s going to grow up in the vibrant way of life inherited from the rich culture, then a bilingual Greek baby name just makes sense. These names embody the strength of religion, mind, and nature itself, giving you plenty of muses to choose from.

Bilingual Italian Baby Names

Ciao, bella! Is your sweet patatino on the way, and you want to give them a flavor of the world they’re stepping into? A bilingual Italian baby name is an opportunity; they mean anything from “fiery” to “serenity” and showcase the vibrant culture from which they come with every letter. Giving your gorgeous little one an Italian baby name will encourage them to keep their finger on the pulse of life’s emotions and all the beautiful things in life.

Bilingual Japanese Baby Names

Like most Asian cultures, Japanese baby names are a celebration of the natural world and the steady pace of a peaceful life. No matter where baby goes, their name can be a beautiful thing that reminds them of their homeland and the tranquility they should always seek. These names will teach baby to cherish clarity and everything living, from the birds in the sky to the lotuses skimming the pond surfaces.

Bilingual Korean Baby Names

The Korean culture, though somewhat contained to mostly Korea itself, is a dynamic and ever-evolving one. It might be hard to keep up with baby—they’re undoubtedly going to keep you on your toes—but this spirited culture and all it stands for will invigorate the both of you all lifelong. With definitions boasting wisdom and abundance, these names will be sure to age gracefully, too!

Bilingual Sanskrit Baby Names

If the lasting power a name has is giving you a little bit of stress when it comes to the picking, a Sanskrit baby name might be exactly what you’re looking for. One of the oldest known languages still spoken—second only to Tamil, which predates it by about 1,500 years at 5,000 years old—Sanskrit knows how to last the test of time! These stellar names boast definitions attuned to the natural world and religions alike. Give your darling little one the perfect arrival present with a bilingual Sanskrit baby name.

Bilingual Spanish Baby Names

An enormously popular language, Spanish ranks in the world's top five most spoken languages. If you’re adding baby to the 548 million people who speak it, then a bilingual Spanish baby name just makes sense. These gorgeous names highlight a range of emotions and associations; definitions spanning from “splendid” to “sorrows” show the depth to which a Spanish name can reach, all the while highlighting the traditions of this energetic culture. Give baby a daily reminder of the world you hope they relish for life with a bilingual Spanish baby name.
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