Few things are as exciting as finding out you’re expecting. After all, there is nothing quite like welcoming baby into the world. As you begin preparing for the arrival of your newborn, you probably have already started mulling over baby names. Because there are so many amazing options out there, you’ll want to start narrowing them down somehow, and why not begin with some hipster baby names?

Hipster baby names are a great option for parents who want a hip and trendy name. These names are contemporary and edgy—they’re not something you hear every day. And that’s the beauty of them! When you choose a hipster baby girl name or baby boy name, you can rest assured that not everyone will have the same name as your child. These names are often uncommon and unique, which are sure to show off your child’s vibrant personality.

Hipster baby names have grown in popularity by the day. Original and stylish, they are guaranteed to turn heads! Browse our carefully curated list of top baby names if you’re looking for hipster baby girl names or hipster baby boy names.

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What are some popular hipster baby girl names?

You’ll discover tons of popular hipster names for girls here at The Bump. Some of the names at the top of our list include Luna, Ivy, Mia, Ella, Cora and Isla.

What are some popular hipster baby boy names?

There are tons of popular hipster baby boy names to choose from here at The Bump. Some of the most common ones include Ezra, Everly, Luca, Calvin, Jasper and August.

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