Other Origin(s):Greek, Latin
Meaning:Jove's child; Youthful; Downy-bearded
Juliano is a masculine name with Portuguese, Latin, and Greek roots to help baby reach for the skies. A variant spelling of Julius, it translates to “Jove’s child.” In Roman mythology, Jove, aka Jupiter, was the god of the sky, thunder, and king of the gods—think of him as the Roman version of Zeus. If you can already sense baby’s booming personality, the name Juliano will fit them perfectly. Juliano can also translate to “youthful,” making it a permanent reminder for your little one to hold onto that beautiful childlike wonder. If you want to inspire baby’s future lush locks, Juliano also translates to “downy-bearded,” making it a lovely choice to ensure that each hair on their head is as soft as their heart.
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