Meaning:Fair bow; Blessed ring
Gwendolene is a romantic name for girls of Welsh origin whose spelling ever so slightly changes the chime of its inspiration, Gwendolen. With its sweet uplifting ending, Gwendolene is as magical as it sounds, linked to several legendary figures in Welsh mythology and English folklore. Its meanings of “fair bow” or “blessed ring” show Gwendolene’s shared roots with Gwyn, borne by Gwyn Ap Nudd—the king of the Tylwyth Teg, meaning “fair folk,” and leader of the Wild Hunt. Gwendolen was also the name of a semi-mythical queen of Britain, believed to have existed during the 11th century. Brimming with centuries of unwavering courage, Gwendolene eloquently trips off the tongue, carrying timeless valor baby can draw from.
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