Meaning:One who lives under the wisteria; From the wisteria vine; Wisteria root
Fujimoto is a masculine name of Japanese origin that can have a variety of meanings, depending on which kanji is used to write it. Typically used as a last name, it has since blossomed into a rich first name for your little one to wear with pride. With fuji meaning “wisteria” and moto meaning “origin” or “foundation,” Fujimoto can be interpreted to mean “from the wisteria vine,” “wisteria root,” or even “one who lives under the wisteria.” The wisteria is a gorgeous flowering plant known for its twining vine and lavender-colored flowers, and can symbolize anything from endurance to transformation. If you want to give baby a name that matches their potential for growth, Fujimoto can make for a blooming choice.

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