Other Origin(s):Chinese, German, Greek, Italian
Meaning:South, southern plain; From Caieta; God is gracious; Brave, daring; Dwarf; One billionth
Nanno is a gender-neutral name with various names and meanings around the world. Serving as a Japanese last name—and coming from the Chinese last name Nan—Nanno can translate to “south” or “southern plain.” This can be a great choice if baby’s family tree lies in a southern part of the world. Nanno can also serve as an adorable nickname for the Italian monikers Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious,” and Gaetano, meaning “from Caieta.” Whether you want to connect baby to your faith or to their Italian roots, Nanno holds plenty of meaning. For a more fierce meaning, Nanno can also come from the Germanic name Nanne, meaning “brave” or “daring.” If you want to celebrate baby’s adorable size during their start to life, Nanno can also come from the English word nano and the Greek nanos, meaning “one billionth” and “dwarf,” respectively. Small sizes can pack plenty of power—remember the iPod Nano?—and the name Nanno can always remind your little one of this.
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