Other Origin(s):Pacific Islander
Meaning:Child of the empress tree; Attack, strike; To champion a cause; To rise in a column; Leatherjacket fish; Meteor
Kokiri is a gender-neutral name originating from Japan. If you’re a fan of tall timbers and botanical blooms, then you may adore this baby name, thought to mean “child of the empress tree.” The title rose to fame by way of the fantastical characters in the popular video game series The Legend of Zelda. Its roots are said to come from the Japanese characters for “child” and “empress tree.” Although its prominence in the Japanese gaming realm may be what has drawn you to Kokiri, it also has connections to Māori. Stemming from the term kōkiri, it can mean “attack,” “strike,” “to champion a cause,” “to rise in a column,” “leatherjacket fish,” and “meteor.” Clearly, you will have a daring little one on your hands who is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Instilling baby with pride in their heritage and an interest in gaming, Kokiri is a simply serene title.
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