Kate O’Driscoll
Content Writer
  • Kate creates business descriptions and baby name bios for platforms across The Knot Worldwide.
  • Kate holds a Master’s degree in Translation Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in World Languages, specializing in Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Kate is from Ireland’s capital, Dublin, but now lives in Cork after moving to pursue her university studies.

You may have the next American Idol winner on your hands with baby Linetta. Typically a name given to girls, Linetta is a diminutive of the Welsh name Eluned or Luned, translating to “image” or “an idol.” It could have the sweet meaning “linnet” or “a small songbird” deriving from the French term linette. Lin is French for flaxseed, which this little bird feeds on, giving it its name. With a name like Linetta, baby’s dulcet tunes might wow the masses and make them a star. Or maybe they will just sing sweetly when no one’s looking. No matter what, baby Linetta will know that their biggest fan is always you.

Kate works as part of the creative team at The Bump, describing baby names for expectant parents. As a language-lover, she delights in learning about the etymology of names and how they have traveled across the world, gathering new meanings and transforming as they go. She finds it particularly fun when she comes across names with Irish or Spanish roots, as she has a deeper understanding of the cultures behind them.


Languages were always one of Kate’s passions growing up, speaking both English and Irish. That spurred her on to study more of them through her undergraduate course, World Languages, at University College Cork, Ireland. After spending two years learning the basics of Mandarin Chinese, she embarked on a year of study in Xiamen, China. The culture, eating delicious food, and meeting wonderful people made this an unbelievable experience, and she would love to return. Kate then went on to specialize in translation, with the dream of maybe becoming a literary translator one day.


Kate has years of experience working in the hospitality industry. She enjoyed the hustle and bustle of busy dinner services and extravagant wedding receptions while working in the food and beverage department before moving behind the front desk. There, she learned about the administrative side of a hotel while welcoming guests and recommending sites and restaurants to Cork’s tourists. Before beginning her career with TKWW, she analyzed language data for a translation technology company.