Updated June 23, 2022

We know not every Aussie walks around saying “g’day mate”, nor does every conversation have “throwin’ shrimp on the barbie” in it. Because in reality, we love Australian culture for every facet of it that makes it uniquely and genuinely Australian. Aussies are known worldwide for their fun loving nature but their rich culture is where they truly shine. Luckily for us, we’ve gotten plenty of inspiration for Australian baby names because of the land down under’s brilliance.

Australia has a backlogged history that is older than we tend to realize. Once a place where hundreds of thousands of convicts were shipped to from the UK and Ireland, this country was made of the underdogs that now hold their heritage proudly. Australia is a country of the bold who own up to their Irish, Welsh, and aboriginal cultural backgrounds. The Indigenous Australians are a revered people as they are the keepers of Australian ancient history and finding ways to pay respects just makes sense. With this blend of cultures comes a creative, strong array of names for baby that help inspiration come easily.

Australian baby girl names like Medika or Keira are gorgeous tributes to your soon-to-be flower child. She can rock her heritage while sporting a name that means blossom or pay tribute to the mountain ranges that can be spotted throughout her homeland. Keira also doubles as an Irish moniker, if you’re in need of ticking two heritage boxes at once. But the next level meanings don’t stop there; Australian boy names like Coen or Jiemba give a solid upgrade to nature names with meanings like thunder and the laughing star.

No matter where you are now, celebrating your Australian heritage can be easily done by giving baby a unique Australian name. These powerful names can give baby a story or two to lean on throughout their lives — not to mention a connection with their family tree. By helping baby dig into their roots, you’re helping them look to their future while keeping the lessons from their ancestry in mind. What could be a better birthday present than that?

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