Trying to decide on an ancestral name for the newest addition in your family? Australia has a diverse culture that takes inspiration from many destinations around the world. Australia’s population is made up of people whose ancestors are originally British, Aboriginal, Irish, or Scottish. These nationalities have a rich history behind them that is represented through traditional customs and rites of passage. As a result, many Australian baby names will reflect these origins and their respective heritage. This A-Z list of Australian baby boy and baby girl names from The Bump will make choosing an Australian name for your newborn a little easier.

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Popular Australian Baby Names

There is a wide spectrum of traditional and contemporary Australian baby names to research when making your decision. If you are searching for Australian baby boy names, current popular names are Oliver, Noah, and Lucas. Popular Australian baby girl names are Charlotte, Isla, and Mia. Traditional Australian baby boy and girl names often have specific meanings behind them. For example, the name Mitch is derived from the religion of Judaism and refers to an individual being seen as a dear messenger of God. This detailed list of Australian baby names outlines unique, modern, and classic options for your new addition.

Aboriginal Baby Boy and Girl Names

Australia’s first people, Aboriginal Australians, have lived on the continent for more than 50,000 years. Aboriginal Australians are split into two groups; Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Today in Australia, there are more than 250 distinct language groups spread throughout the country. In recent years, there has been a strong resurgence of Aboriginal names being chosen for newborns around Australia. Kirra is popular with Aboriginal nations around the border regions of Queensland and New South Wales and is translated as ‘leaf’ or ‘dancing leaf’. Alinta is an Aboriginal word for ‘fire’ and originates from South Australia.

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